Southwest Program

Southwest Program

From towering ponderosa pine forests to Sonoran desert landscapes, Arizona’s National Forests offer almost 12 million acres of recreation opportunities and diverse wildlife habitat, and also provide vital surface water supplies to downstream users in the greater Phoenix metropolitan areas.

>>>StoryMap - Big Picture: Health and Function of Arizona's Watersheds

The Importance of Arizona's National Forests

This video takes you on a journey to explore the forested watersheds of northern Arizona that provide a clean, reliable source of water that supports Arizona's economy and way of life. Learn what is being done to keep these forests healthy and how you can help by getting involved and investing in forest restoration projects through the Northern Arizona Forest Fund.

Northern Arizona Forest Fund

The Northern Arizona Forest Fund provides an easy way for businesses and residents of Arizona to invest in the lands and watersheds they depend on. The NAFF supports high priority restoration projects on National Forests in the Salt and Verde River watersheds that reduce wildfire risk, improve streams and wetlands, enhance wildlife habitat, restore native plants, and limit erosion and sediment into Arizona streams, rivers, and reservoirs.

Learn more about the Northern Arizona Forest Fund.


Rebecca Davidson

Southwestern Regional Director and Youth Programs Director


Sasha Stortz

Arizona Program Manager


Mark Brehl

Arizona Program Forestry Supervisor